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Misato In Sorrow

Misato In Sorrow

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Last Update 2018-03-28 07:34:57

This was a very well engineered kit but I was concerned about the weight of the jacket on the one arm so I took the time to pin it. While doing that I went ahead and pinned all the other arms and legs. I used mostly Vallejo paints starting with an airbrush. I later came back and did the fine details with a regular brush. The eyes were painted. I used a single strand of .256 fiber optics for the Necklace. I used Testors enamel leather for the necklace and a mix of silver and purple for the sunglasses. The dress was painted flat black and then coved in semi-gloss to give it a bit of sheen. After everything else was painted I covered it with flat clear coat and then assembled everything. A little bit of Future was dabbed onto the eyes to make them glossy.


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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


She's beautiful. The dress is excellent. Superb flesh tones. An outstanding build.

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