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NieR:Automata - Little Lake Diorama WIP

NieR:Automata - Little Lake Diorama WIP

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Last Update 2018-06-08 17:10:50

Here is my Work in Progress for NieR:Automata - Little Lake Diorama (LLD). :D (GK Contest 2018)
I wanted to make some machines (one of them with a sword too). I calculated and drew the plan before I started the project. (Scans on the first picture) I drew Beastlord's plan in the size of the diorama so I could checked the size before I started to make it. I calculated the size of the machines and the scale of the parts from a game database and from some game photos. I made 2B's POD 042 also (You can find him by the bigger tree on the diorama). Also 2 machine heads were added into the lake. I sawed off them a little bit.
I used toilet paper rolls and wooden ball for the main body of the machines. The balls are half drilled for the red lights and I drilled their eyes too. I used wire and polifoam ("Polyethylene Foam"?) to build machines' legs and arms. I needed a little paper and Tamiya Epoxy Putty (Quick Type) to make their screws and fingers... Some details has been added in this way. :D After I built the main body of the machines I used Tamiya Putty (White) to fill the polifoam's holes and I sanded them. I bought Pentart's Rust Effect Set. This is my first time wit it. I had to practice many times. For Beastlord I used a piece of wire and a some piece of wood and foil sheet (I used foil and a piece of wood for the little machine's sword too). I used air-drying clay to sculpt the lion's head. (Next time I'll use Epoxy putty I think because it wasn't easy to work with it.) In the end I used Tamiya Putty (White) and I sanded it. (I had to repeat it twice) I made the chains on my own because I didn't find one in this size on the local hobby and model store. I calculated the size after I made the sword and I bended the pieces one by one. Yes, I am a masochist.XDDDD I cut and painted with Transparent Yellow the energy circular around the Beastlord (big sword). I used a piece of wire to display it.
I made the trees with wire. ....


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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


WOW!! What a LOT of work you put into this diarama but it's paid off and everything looks amazing. I'm looking foward to seeing the whole thing in the competition. The detail on little robots guys is incredible and they're outstanding. Your swords are fantastic! The base is wonderful and you've caught the feel of the land from the game perfectly.
An impressive amount of work into creating this and the result is superb. Well done!

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craftsydaddy (Canada)


So cool! It's always nice to see how artist's sketches and work in progress shots!

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freaXtyle (Garage Whale) (Russian Federation)


Nice WIP! Also nics sketches! I propose you to add comments on pictures. It would be much more native to understand all aspects than reading text separately. It's easy to do even in powerpoint. Hope it helps! Good luck!

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Yakumo Fujii (Hungary)


You are so right, next time I'm going to do that way;) Thanks!

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