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Ignis Chaos Gate

Ignis Chaos Gate

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Last Update 2018-08-02 07:39:34

Lovely kit, though a few issues with the fitting of the skirt parts and upperbody, it's a tight fit between legs and upperbody to get those pieces in, quite some work to have all the parts lined up. The loose cross belt does not fit that good either. But with a little heating, bending and stretching it can be made to fit as good as it gets.

Outline of the details on the skirts was not very good at some spots, same for the pointed ends of her gloves (i sanded those down eventualy and smoothed them), clearly done after casting, carefully study the pictures and fill the butterflies in yourself where the lines are to faded to follow with paint. I think i purchased a late production kit from this model and the dye was getting worn. I also build another Ignis, FG4042 and the details on her were very clear and crisp, but to be honoust that's just part of the resin casting proces. Silicone dyes have a lifespan of about 30-40 casts max.

Make sure her Right arm is forward enough so the sword clears her hair, you need to carefully pre assemble the whole kit tightly to get the angle on the arms right before glueing the arms permantly.

I bashed the base together from some tabletop wargame decoration parts i had lying around and a interior decoration "mini" Feng Shui waterfall :-)

I never played the game Jingay Makyo because i cannot find a English translation of the visual novel, but i really love Ignis, she is just very lovely and hope they will be making some new models of her in the future :-)


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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


You did an excellent job on this kit, well done. She's beautiful.

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