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WIP Gothic Dress Devil Girl :)

WIP Gothic Dress Devil Girl :)

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Last Update 2018-08-18 00:13:45

Hello~! ^^

Here is my Gothic Dress Devil Girl! :D She is about 26cm high (1/6 scale). One of my friends ordered the job from me. He really likes her character design. :) Her dresses and skirt were a big challenge for me! :D But it worth it! (I painted some really thin lines on the black on her skirts with a thin brush.) The rose-design on the cross was a great idea from someone on E20 Gallery. I really liked it. I tried to painted something like that! :D The chain on her right arm was part of the resin kit. A little hole was pinned for the cross to fix it well to the display base. Every comments are welcome!

Gallery: https://www.e2046.com/gallery/view/12524



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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


Looking good. Superb colour palette and excellent detailiing. An outstanding build.

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Yaten (Hungary)


Arigatou~! ^.^ I spend so many days to paint the details. I couldn't stop detailing it. XD I really *love*d to paint her. *.*

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