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WIP Ultimate Madoka

WIP Ultimate Madoka

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Last Update 2018-08-19 17:20:27

Hello~! ^^

I built and painted Madoka to a friend for his great help. ^^ She is an Antihero from E2046. Eye decals were included. I used a red pastel chalk for the shadows on her wings and on her weapon too. ^^ Her weapons are changable. ;) I painted some constellations. + A few more stars to make her dress pretty. ;) I printed her diplay base's design. Every comments are welcome! :)

Gallery: https://www.e2046.com/gallery/view/14083



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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


She's amazing! The colour palette is beautiful and suits her well. Excellent base. An outstanding build.

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Yaten (Hungary)


Arigatou! ^.^ I changed the colours a bit for my taste. :D

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