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Alicia (Valkyria Chronicles)

Alicia (Valkyria Chronicles)

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Last Update 2018-08-19 17:56:20

I posted these photos to the old gallery, here they are again for the new one.
Hard to believe I built this nearly five years ago (October 2013)!
There is a version cast in pre-coloured resin (I saw one in Akihabara a few years ago), which is why all the parts that should be different colours are cast separately, even the fur trim - this makes the kit very laborious to assemble. Even her tongue is a separate part!
The cowl collar piece is the only part that does not fit very well, I ground off quite a lot of resin from inside before it would fit
I airbrushed most of the figure, and hand painted the camo pattern in acrylic. The red stripes are a sort of dull red, I mixed some black in to get the right shade.
To get a wood appearance on the rifle I first painted it matt sandy brown then gave it a wash of gloss dark brown acrylic - the darker shade reduces its appearnce of being too big!Metail parts were dry brushed gunmetal to bring out the detail. I used online reference but didn't follow the original too slavishly.
I first painted the hair pieces in acrylic then gave them a wash of dark brown watercolour gouache, and wiped off the excess.
Everything was given a spray of matt/flat varnish (I used Xtracrylic, a UK brand intended for military models)
I'm not sure of the origin of the plinth! I applied white glue to this and covered it with mixed grass scatter, which was knocked off when dry. The bushes are just pieces of model railway lichen. She is fixed to the base with wire pins.
Conclusion; a very appealing figure which needs careful painting!


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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


Sensational! Your planning and attention to detail paid off on this because nothing over-powers the eye or conflicts with anything else. An impressive build.

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