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Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner

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Last Update 2018-08-30 07:51:32

Its my Second Figure.
I love this model. The pose and details are wonderful.

The Figure is adult yoko so I tried to bring her further away from beeing just a girl and more of a woman in the prime of her life. She has seen some stuff and is rougher, but isn't at the point were she is worn down by life and lost her energy. She is healthy and ready for action. Thats why I deviated from the original. I gave her a tatoo and the coat is made of leather that gives more strenght to the model and the colors are less girly, but I let her have the pink belt on the sniperrifle as a reminder of her youth with some other details like the fingernails for example to reflect the origin of her character.

I try to descibe the color choices but i'm no professional .. its just what i thought could work .. Its my first try on this type of skin so take the info with some salt.

For the skin i used brown priming, a yellow-toned middeltone and a not to bright slightly grey finish. I tried to make her more realistic with a latina like skintone (because she lives in the desert ...) BUT stay true to the anime. So i tried to strike a balance between the light anime skin tone and a more comprehensible skintone. Then i sealed it after some failed testing (last picture) with a two to one matt - satin finish to give the skin a more realistic gloss

On the face i gave her more defined lips and hoped to achive a more confident look. I tried to let her look more healthy / rosy / blooming to underline her confident pose.

On the Rifle and the shoes i used some pigments for some desert dust. But i'm not sure if i did this correct..

The problems.
-The model broke like 40 times on different places .. the bra alone on 7 spots.
-I always get grain in the color when I paint skin, that drives me mad.
-Some parts are sloppy, it seems i reached the limits of my painting-skill pretty fast.

So thanks for listening.
So long!


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Tuxmichl (Germany)


Stop playing with her breasts and the bra won't break all the time! ;p
Awesome model. The expression fits perfectly, also the used look of her clothes!

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Rooster (Germany)


You gotta do what you gotta do ^^ Thx