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Stug III Girls und panzer  Back to school

Stug III Girls und panzer Back to school

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Last Update 2018-09-08 03:54:33

One of the most colorful tanks from episode 4 is the Stug III.
I must say I was rather exited when I seen this tank come out as a model. I bought it right away as a pree order.
With all the excitement of a 5 year old on Christmas morning I unpacked the box and was met with total disappointment and a feeling of disillusionment never before experienced from a plastic model. This should have came with an letter of apologize to the buyer that wanted to make the banner version. NOT ONE USEFUL item included for the banners !! ore even a hint on how to paint the hull. It had a nice set of decals and fancy box art.. First thing I did was scan the supplied useless fabric banner card into the computer . To prove my theory I tried to cut the banners out. They were of uneven colour to start then rolled up like frightened caterpillars and came apart in shreds. DO NOT BE ALARMED !!! I have made a decal on foil method for everyone to try just download the decal picture here open it with Windows photo Viewer then right click and open with Microsoft paint and set your printer to print full size 100% landscape. Test on plain paper first.Their are also corrections to the kit instructions and paint colors for the Multi colour and Grey version. It is not Panzer Grey. You wont believe the Notek lights! Enjoy the model. All the math and research is done .
The crew figures are from Platz. Sory E2046 you did not have any of these models. I did use your Nylon Grass Sheet.


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