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1/7 Saber - Lingerie Version - Fate/Stay Night

1/7 Saber - Lingerie Version - Fate/Stay Night

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Last Update 2018-09-10 14:02:01

1/7 Saber - Lingerie Version - Fate/Stay Night

WIP and commentary here


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Akuratsu (Germany)


Hey there, I'm going through all your WIP's right now, trying to learn something from a pro! 🤩
I really LOVE your WIP's! Sharing information step by step is so great for beginners and pro's as well 😜 Thank you for doing this!

After I saw your strugle with the " small ass corners" at her legs (flowers), I wanted to share this with you...maybe you would like to try out: humbrol maskol
I was searching for myself for a liquid masking stuff...and tried out something...this stuff seems to be the best. Maybe it could help.👍

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BT9154 (Canada)


Thanks for checking out my stuff. I always try and document as much as I can, I think it's good practice when you want to eventually look back and see your old work. And if I have it I might as well provide my thought process on things, all the better when it inspires and helps them add another tool to their repertoire.

The masking of the corners, thanks for pointing that out. I have micro mask which is similar but the reason I don't use it is because you have to brush it on, and on top of a surface that is "done", I guess I'm not comfortable with doing that, also I might not be able to brush it flat or straight. Other than that I think the only other way is to mask and very carefully slice with a razor but that is super risky. So I'm left with the brute force way of "tiny ass" squares but I don't mind, just put a YouTube vid in the background and slowly work at it, I find it therapeutic sometimes.