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Pegasus & Chibius Stallion Reve Diorama

Pegasus & Chibius Stallion Reve Diorama

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Last Update 2018-09-27 00:45:27

I've put sooo much energy and time into this project and after a 3/4 year it is finally finished and I am so happy about that.
Firstly, this kit was an horrible cast with endless air bubbles and damaged parts, one part of the wings was completely missing. My wife bought that thing on ebay without knowing anything about kits back then. You can see some progress pictures at the end of the gallery. So it was so much work till I could paint it. And then I had the idea to reconstruct the scene from the anime and to put it on the stallion reve. Everything at the base is self made (exept for the crystals, I just painted them) and a lot went wrong here too, since it was veery trial and error. I used lots of different materials and even painted the background picture myself at the pc.


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smoon (Mexico)


incredible idea! and excellent work!!! 🤩

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kiyaviolet (Germany)


Thank you!

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