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Last Update 2018-10-07 20:31:49

My second figure, painted for a friend. This time, I used Tamiya White Super Fine primer and did not like it as much. It did not go on smooth and made some of her skin rough and gloppy so I had to sand it down and redo the whole skin after discovering flaws after the first coat. I took her legs off and masked out her torso to airbrush her bikini, adjusting the straps with a fine brush. I airbrushed the collar red first.
For her skintone: I used MIG's Basic Skin Tone over top a mix of Vallejo's 1 drop White, Red and Mahogany to 10 drops Skin Tone for shading, with MIG's Light Skin Tone for highlights.
Her sideburn hair piece had to be sanded down quite a bit to fit against her face.
I used MR COLOR paints for the red and gold parts, and hand detailed her face, toes and collar. The collar was a pain to keep lines straight between the gold and the red.
Her shirt is Vallejo 1 drop pale blue, 1 drop olive green, 10 drops white.
I used a range of Vallejo's brown colors to detail her eyes, using Mahogany for eyebrows, pupil, and eyeliner/lashes.


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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


She's adorable. Stunning colour palette. Well done.

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Chrisp (Canada)


very nice

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