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Last Update 2018-11-23 20:33:43

Hello everyone !
This kit was one of my most anticipated and Jeanne one of my favourite fictionnal character ever, therefore it was such a great time working on this sweet lady.
Paintbrushes and acrylic paints were used as always, but this time airsprays joined the party for the making of the display base and feathers !
However, the flakes included in the kit were wrong colours, thus I made some blue/purple ones. It's the same thing for the missing rings for the guns which the handgrips required some drilling as well. Another last mistake was on the figure, indeed there is an unecessary line which begins on the top of the back left leg then crossing the back to the under right underarm. As you can see I've tried to sand it but unfortunatly in my mind some lines still remain, don't you think ?

Otherwise the face is magnificent to work on, I was a bit anxious to paint it up, same thing for the guns and the body.
She's about to team up with Bayonetta !

" It's a celebration, b#tches ! "


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