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1/20 Military Qty's Nene

1/20 Military Qty's Nene

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Last Update 2019-01-03 02:09:34

Hello again, another figure kit I bought in Volks in Akihabara - this is a plastic kit in 1/20 scale by Max Factory (or Plamax) of Nene, Germanic style tank girl, designed by Shunya Yamashita. As you can see, this figure is lavishly packaged in a box the size of a book with a poster and full colour instructions, but the figure is rather small - scaled to suit the Maschinen Kreiger mecha universe I believe (there may be some of the resin figures here on E2046). There were two others, Russian and US style, but this one is the nicest (and most villainous). She needs some kind of backstory, maybe in the form of a one page manga, but there isn't one!

Assembly is straightforward with little trimming needed, but parts fit is a bit vague. The plastic is a quite hard styrene. I used liquid cement to assemble the legs and body as shown - the head parts are have to be assembled in a certain order, pay attention to the instructions! I decided to leave the precoloured parts unpainted, but sprayed everything with matt enamel varnish to form a base for acrylic paint in many areas. The eyes and one eyebrow are provided as decals, several in fact in case you mess up - you need a magnifier. The red lining on the uniform is quite tricky to paint. I used Revell acrylic firey red and a pigment liner. Finally I made a base out of mahogany with grass scatter over white glue. See Gallery for the finished figure, and my conclusions.


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