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Ultimate Challenge

Ultimate Challenge

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Last Update 2019-04-29 05:42:33

I made this with a tooth pick, flush cutters, super glue, size 8 paint brush, and acrylic paint. While playing smash bros ultimate with one hand, trying to B-air players off the map as Bowser and the other hand is working on putting together this figure. There is no color mixing what so ever. I have no idea what that is and I think that color mixing is for poor people, so I now own ten 2 fl oz of metallic and matte acrylic paint of the colors seen on the figure. The hardest part of building this figure is walking into Michael with a switch and coming out with the necessary paint. When buying this stuff I forgot to get a basket, so I walked around the whole store with ten 2 fl oz of acrylic stuffed in my shirt in my make shift basket. It looked like I was stealing stuff but the switch really made it seem that I was a serious customer, which I was. Big tip to anyone trying to build this figure, put down the switch and let me win.


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