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SD Sailor Moon

SD Sailor Moon

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Last Update 2019-05-25 19:25:40

Commissioned for Client. Never done something this small in resin so it was a bit difficult to prep smooth.
Sorry if colors are a bit off, I had to edit the colors on each one to match what I see in person, the originals came out so neon like @_@;
Requested to have a specific hair color, slight pearl reddish pink bows, semi gloss boots, matt white fuku and so on.
The eyes were painted by hand twice (given I had to repaint her skin a second time)
Her odango hair ornaments I redid to give an authentic metal appearance.
Her sideburns I created using polystyrene cut and heat formed to shape.
The base is made from scratch. Cased a base in resin and added custom painted crystals and rock flocking to the base, dry brushed, and wahlah!

For more photos, please visit my website once available. Uploads also available on my social media.


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