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Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus

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Last Update 2019-06-01 02:31:33

For this one I used almost exclusively Vallejo products with the exception for my skin tone routine.

For the base, it took a coat of MR SUPER CLEAR Matte before Glaze Medium with blue and black, giving layers to make it look like a night sky. Toothbrush with white and yellow for the stars.

Her bows are in MR HOBBY Metallic gold, as is her tiara and earrings.

I shade white with a very light blue (like one drop of blue in 20 white) and then highlight with white to give depth. For the metallic effect and shading, I used a combination of Vallejo Chrome mixed with blue, and added drops of black or blue to darken the color as I went along the skirt. I used the same on her boots. I hand painted her sword.

Her hair was the most pain. Various colors of beige and mixes of yellows didn't work so I wound up making a yellow chrome, then layering it with Vallejo Light Brown mixed with glaze.

Thanks to the guys at my local hobby shop for the chrome and glaze tips!


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