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Zooey - Shield & Sword WIP

Zooey - Shield & Sword WIP

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Last Update 2019-06-14 10:13:11

This is a continuation of Zooey WIP covering her shield & sword (see her drakes WIP here: https://www.e2046.com/gallery/view/22854)

I did not like the looks of the sword that I got after painting the out-of-the-box piece, because on the original art it looks more like a half-transparent glowing crystal, and I can't get this look with opaque plastic.

So I decided to recast the sword into epoxy resin and lit it up with LEDs. Could've done better but I consider it fine for my first try.

e2046 galleries do not support video, so you can check out my attempt of recording the light flickering here: https://youtu.be/B5xfYo5vfmo

Materials & tools:
-primed with Mr Surfacer, then Mr Base White and Mr Finishing Surfacer Black for the metal parts
-Vallejo Game Color/Air for the leather sheathe, Gaia Bright Gold and Vallejo Metal Color Silver weathered with Mr Weathering Color (brown and black) for the metal parts.
-top coated with Mr Color GX112-114.
-lots of epoxy resin and silicon mold. That took a lot of tries.
-9 1.5mm LEDs to light it up and Arduino board to add a slow flicker.
-some masking tape was definitely involved


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