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Last Update 2019-06-18 01:31:21

This figure was extremely fun to assemble and paint. The casting is exquisite and I had a blast working on it. For the jacket I used a glossy black acrylic paint and I coated it with a clear acrylic red paint. When exposed to light, you can see the red highlights amidst the black leather. The hair I did by blending two shades of blue and white, and finished it with a blue ink wash. The skin was tricky, but but it went well in the end. First, I marked the shadows with the darkest tone and then covered it with a couple of layers of the midtone (thinned about a 50%) and then I glazed the highlights with the brighter tone. I hope you like it, it was very fun for me, can't wait until my Asuka-Yoko arrives!


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