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WIP Belldandy and Skuld - Child ver.

WIP Belldandy and Skuld - Child ver.

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Last Update 2019-07-04 20:17:02

Hi! ^^

I finished my SD (chibi) Belldandy and Skuld last month. ^.^ I hope you will like them.
They are original garage kit from S-Mist. I never ever had a bad cast like this. (I think that's why I could buy them from someone as unopened original GK in a cheaper price.) There were a lot a holes on the kit. O.o" But I don't mind because I really wanted to get them. ^.^
Belldandy's hair strands ("hair antennas") weren't at the package. The description showed a picture about it. I think it said I have to make them.
They neened a lot of putty works.
I used airbrush for the shading work and a very little pastel chalk.

Every comments are welcome! ^^


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