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WIP Contest 2019 Entry

WIP Contest 2019 Entry

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Last Update 2019-07-09 23:19:46

The Kit and display Base are build with a lot of different materials...
I fixed her hair with UV Plastic, made her Tattoos with 3D Nail Stickers, the Bikini strings are made with yarn and glued with clear UV Resin.
The Base is Wood with Window Color, Sand, small shells, a sort of moss, clear UV Resin and different acrylic parts to make a seat.
The parasol is made with wood from an old brush, paper, clear paper, clear film and UV Resin


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Yaten (Hungary)


Cute! 🤗 Love her face and the little turtle. 😘 I didn't try UV resin yet but it could be interesting. 😀

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