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WIP Houseki no Kuni - Diamond

WIP Houseki no Kuni - Diamond

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Last Update 2019-07-11 19:08:38

Hi Minna-san~! ^_^

I started to build this cutie some month ago. I checked the parts already and I'll start painting her soon. ;)
I'll update more photos soon! :D

I bought cameleon colours from Green Stuff World and a Transparator from mig to try some new techniques. (I have some transparent colours already but maybe I will need the Transparator if I would like to mix with a normal paint.)
For the crystal base I bought a decor foil (Frozen) from Pentart. :)

Update (2020.01.25-.27.): I started to paint Diamond. ^^ I uploaded some photo about it. I used Glossy Black and Glossy White to her dress. Gloves and stockings: Offwhite + Brown Sand. Weapon: Beasty Brown + Natural Steel.

Update (2020.02.03.): I tried my Chameleon colours on her hair. :) I used 3 different paint. It'll need more layer I think. .. Maybe I'll need more colours... Hm...
About the crystal base: I couldn't decide what I would use yet.

Update (2020.02.13.): More 2 days with my Chameleon colours. It's a little hard to paint more colours with them. -.-" The yellow/gold and purple colours are okay but the others are lighter than I expected.

Every comments are welcome! ^^


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