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Carnage 1/3 Head Bust

Carnage 1/3 Head Bust

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Last Update 2019-07-23 05:22:10

Sculpted by Kester Duran. The bust is a beast! I really love the sculpt! So rare to see that character to receive any attention from resin kit producers! It is important to notice that it is sculpted and produced all by one guy, ( huge respect!). It has the feeling of the man-hand sculpted piece and I love it like that. As for the paint job - I decided to stick to a "realistic" approach. What I tried to achieve is the feeling of the human skinned body with all the flesh outside that was attacked or adopted by that alien entity out of space. For the flesh, I used red and purple colors with matt top finish, for the alien symbiote I used black, some yellow splashes and the chameleon purple to give it that extraterrestrial feeling. I hope my paint job intentions are apparent in the final result, it can only be judged by you.^^


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