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Alien Dog Crouching 1/6

Alien Dog Crouching 1/6

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Last Update 2019-07-23 05:56:58

I tried a few new things on this one. Tried marbling on the dome and shoulders, few other techniques here and there. I can't say the result satisfied my expectations, but I like to push my boundaries and I am sure the next time will be better.^^ I absolutely love the sculpt of the dog alien, it really looks like an "animal" with that serpent-like body shape and such an elegant tale, while the alien 1 and 2 usually look like dudes in Halloween costumes lol. The thing I absolutely hated to paint was the base. It is just repulsive, wouldn't like to display dead dogs on my shelf, even though it is true to the movie. But the "dragon" looked too good to give up on the kit. So ill just put it on the top shelf, where it can stare on me with its menacing pose and no one can see the god damn base.


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