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WIP Repair an old Belldandy GK

WIP Repair an old Belldandy GK

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Last Update 2019-09-29 18:10:44

Hi Minna-san~!

I got a little repair project. One of my friend's ex-girlfriend (Suzy) painted this Belldandy GK in the end of 2007. It was her first resin kit. She used a wrong glue for it and Belldandy has been broken easily. :'(
I checked the parts. Some parts lost or broken down. I'll use some epoxy putty to fill and replace the parts.
First removed the glue and I sanded the parts (I think she didn't use too much the sandpaper. ^^") and cut of the burrs.

Update: 2019. early October: So many little parts and pieces are missed. And Suzy glued the wrong earring to her right ear. ^^"" The other one missed. I modified the right one and I made a new left earring with my Tamiya Epoxy Putty. I started to glue back the parts and I did a lot of putty works. I need to use some resin piece for her dress later. -.-"
With some little pieces of wire and epoxy putty I replaced her "antennas" and some pieces of her hair. I found some little pieces but they weren't complete parts. :( Some glue needed too. The little pieces of her hair made with epoxy putty only I I fixed them with glue.
For this project my Sculpting tools and tweezers are VERY-VERY useful. X"D
2019. 10. 13.: After the putty dried I sanded the parts. A little more putty work needed. Her earrings dried so I could checked the other one.
2019. 10. 20.: With 2 pieces of resin and a little putty I repair her dress. I pinned almost all the parts. I did more putty work on her hair and dress. I checked the fitting of the parts. A little more work needed before re-paint the parts. ^^
2019. 11. 16.: I repaired the paint on the parts as needed. ^^ I hope I can finish her soon. :) I sprayed the parts with matte varnish. I'll use gloss varnish for her eyes / nails / jewelries after it has been dried.
2019.11.17-20: Building work... :D I'll upload the gallery about her after I finish it.

Every comments are welcome! :)



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