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WIP Valkyria Chronicle - Combat Medic

WIP Valkyria Chronicle - Combat Medic

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Last Update 2019-09-30 02:59:48

Hi Minna-san~!

I started to build my cute Medic GK from Valkyria Chronicle. ^.^ (I'm working on some more GK nowadays but I'll continue my work on her too soon.)
I checked the parts. There will be some need-to-do work with her medic bag for sure. I did the putty work already.
I tried to polish/wash the transparent parts with toothpaste after the sanding work. Here is the result.

I'll update some more photos soon I hope. ;)

Every comments are welcome!



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craftsydaddy (Canada)


It’s a shame the clear parts have become yellow-coloured. I hope you can make it work! Cheers!

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Yaten (Hungary)


Thank you for your interesting! ^^ I hope I can. ;) I would try to bend the box first for better fitting. ^^"

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