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Yoko Tank W ver.

Yoko Tank W ver.

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Last Update 2021-03-16 02:44:08

Basic straight-out-the-box build with a bit of custom work on the rifle to replace the warped barrel. Its a fun kit if not for just one major problem: the ABS joints. They're extremely brittle, and prone to breaking (i've broken 3 trying to put her together), and unless they're pinned to each other, very often wont hold up inside the limbs. Expect a lot of gluing and much less posing with her.

Otherwise, its a sexy robot with a big gun, so thats always a win. Painted using an airbrush and some minor clean up as well as detail work with a paintbrush. Final sealing with a coat of matt varnish to preserve the rather fragile model's paint.


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E2046-Jacky (Hong Kong)


Great job and she is so cute!

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