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Sailor Neptune Deep Submerge

Sailor Neptune Deep Submerge

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Last Update 2022-07-06 23:56:50

Will be displaying her together with Sailor Uranus, so I'm adjusting the effect on Sailor Uranus to have a similar look.
Beautiful sculpt, though their scale seems to be slightly different.

The hair has a little bit of fit problems, the assembly of the clear parts is a bit challenging to work out and needs a bit of shaving off the pegs to fit.

Finished putty for now and started sanding the clear parts. Finally figured out where everything goes with the swirls. polished the connections and connected them using clear resin.
Working on this amount of clear with brushpainting is hard. It took me 4 tries in total. The end result is not perfect, but I learned a lot on the way.
for the next time (probably Saturn) I will go about it in a different way again.
With Uranus I worked directly on the sanded resin. The colour grabbed wonderfully, but multiple micoscratches became visible. the colour is also a bit too intense.
With Neptune I glossed the sanded resin and drybrushed a very translucent blue hue. This keeps the transparency wonderfully and fills those micro-imperfections in the surface. But getting acryic to acutally stick (and stay!) on the glossed surface was a nightmare and applying the final gloss moved some of the thinly applied paint.
Next time I'll sand the clear, then I'll gloss it smooth, then apply a flat sealant and work on that before glossing it up again. Hopefully that will work better.

I love the final result and am very happy to have my own versions of these wonderful figures in my shelf.

Somehow I managed to loose all the heatbending I applied to the waterswirl to make her waterball centred above her....so last minute after everything was done I had to readjust. turned the swirl the least obnoxious way and added a little bit of leverage to the left side to tilt the overall effect. I can live with the result.


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