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FG10345 Rei Ayanami

A fine example of craftsmanship. Rei ayanami is beautifully new rendition of how something can be made new again. This version takes a flowery form from its pastel colour suits to be chipped away ever so slightly with a course blade. The detail speaks for its self, shapely figure that draws you into that s-curved. More realistic then it's predecessor. Makes me wonder why didn't the producer think bigger (like 1/3 scale) or larger. I like this new approach I can only imagine what she would look like if she ever becomes realistic.

solidsnake (United States) 
RT2921 PMX-002 Bolinoak Sammahn

odd design, complicated parts, nice case

Lim (United States) 
FG10330 Maya Suma


Leo (Hong Kong) 
FG6736 Astarotte Ygvar

Parts check 100% couldn't be happier

Neo (United States) 
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