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PF7360 T-elos (Pre-painted)
PF7360 1/4 T-elos (Pre-painted)

if you have any of the kos mos releases telos is a must. shes painted beautifully. one of the best paint jobs ive been from e2046. the shading, eye and everything is perfect. she was easy to put together with the provided instructions and stands firmly. absolutly worth the price and highly recommended.

nuri (United States
PF12341 Mistress 9 (Pre-painted)
PF12341 1/6 Mistress 9 (Pre-painted)

Beautiful sculpt and paint job. All pieces fit well together.

Nikki (Canada
FG4239 HTK-09
FG4239 1/5.5 HTK-09

cant wait to build it . Thanks E2046

AK (Germany
FG11497 Centaur
FG11497 1/7 Centaur

Es hermosa y grande. los delate son muy buenos.

Javier_mx (Mexico
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