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FG9946 Touka
FG9946 1/8 Touka

Wonderful kit, such nice sculpt and details. Love it!

Gi4lu (Italien
FG10904 Super Sonico Hestia Version
FG10904 1/7 Super Sonico Hestia Version

부품 누락없이 좋은 상태로 도착했습니다. 주문 후 도착까지 약 10일이니 배송도 빠른 편이고.. 만족합니다

JH야승 (S羹dkorea
FG11471 Poco
FG11471 1/8 Poco

Great mold. Whatever material is used feels nice to the touch and my primer, paint etc stuck well. Decals worked perfectly. No complaints here.

AnonymousCat (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
FG6157 Catwoman
FG6157 1/7 Catwoman

The breasts are too big for my taste, but the figure as a whole is awesome. There are some tricky places to sand and drill to fit the whip, but it seems to be not too complicated. Mold quality looks good and there is no obvious oversanding, so it`s nice.

Kop (Polen
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