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FG0032 Sailor Venus
FG0032 1/8 Sailor Venus

Toller Cast, freue mich aufs bemalen

Impaled (Alemania
FG11126 Avenger Jeanne d Arc
FG11126 1/7 Avenger Jeanne d Arc

This is a very fine kit with lots of detail. As always it is well cast with little clean up. It arrived with the box badly damaged (I'm starting to think the mail people use these boxes to play soccer), but the kit was intact due the good packaging. Many thanks to those who package the kits for shipping.

Manuel (Estados Unidos de Am矇rica
FG11774 Sailor Star Fighter
FG11774 1/6 Sailor Star Fighter

Finally arrived! I liked so much!! just waiting for the third starlight to arrive to paint them!!! the figure arrived in excellent conditions! even that my package was ripped because of the new administration >(
Thank you so much for the excellent way to pack every figure!!!

smoon (M矇xico
FG8113 Levi
FG8113 1/8 Levi

well packed,nice cast

gogg (Australia
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