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FG12791 Asuka with Motorcycle 3
FG12791 1/7 Asuka with Motorcycle 3


小北 (China
FG13030 Kiryu Coco
FG13030 1/8 Kiryu Coco


Azz (Taiw獺n
FG7788 Estellise Sidos Heurassein
FG7788 1/8 Estellise Sidos Heurassein

This kit is quite spectacular! I was very excited to find an Estelisse, especially from this figure lineup. Her weapons don't really snap together PERFECTLY, but each piece fits in her hand well enough that you thankfully won't be able to notice the potential gap. She is really hard to cement to the base though, so be prepared to balance her against other objects for a few hours so she stays in place.

As for shipping, this kit took a good few months to arrive compared to my other orders(which all took around 1-2 weeks) so be sure to remember to edit the Customs Declaration properly, because it REALLY makes a difference for delivery time.

Washing Tub (Estados Unidos de Am矇rica
FG7294 Fujikura Yu
FG7294 1/7 Fujikura Yu


ALEA (Taiw獺n
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