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PF12498 Super Sailor Mars (Pre-painted)
PF12498 1/6 Super Sailor Mars (Pre-painted)

sailor mars is absolutely a great deal. it was a little hard to figure out the base because all the pegs were the same size. there is one foot of mars that goes in the base and two fire effects. since they use the same pegs it was hard to tell where each would go. after experimenting and referencing the promo picture for a bit i gave up trying to get the flame effects perfects and just placed them as i like them. the original concept was to have a flame circle around mars feet. her feet are woven in between the fire and when placing the two fire effects into the pegs holes it just never seemed to line up no matter what i did to look like the promo pics. i tried moving the foot peg around and then using the other two holes for the fire too. spent probably 30 mins trying different combinations to try and make it look like the promo. dont get me wrong mars is still beautiful and the fire effects are all great just be aware that the base is a bit confusing.
Take away from review : most confusing base placement due to effects and feet not lining up like promo pics but one you get it lined up the best you can mars is, in my opinion the most beautiful ORI senshi they have released for the attack line. her face is very pretty. the attack and effects look amazing. the shading on her hair is perfect and has the purple undertones.
i highly recommend her.

nuri (Estados Unidos de Am矇rica
FG1475 Naked Asuka
FG1475 1/8 Naked Asuka


温_感 (China
FG12322 Joel
FG12322 1/8 Joel

Good cast and perfect packaging as always, nice details and nice large display base which is always nice

Emma (Reino Unido
DL2767 Mask Deluxe Edition (DOLL)
DL2767 1/6 Mask Deluxe Edition (DOLL)

awesome came the day before my moms birthday and it amazing

Kev (Estados Unidos de Am矇rica
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