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FG9136 Choun Shiryu Bunny Special
FG9136 1/6 Choun Shiryu Bunny Special

Lot of small parts, no broken parts. All OK

Gonz (Chile
FG1961 Holybell Bust
FG1961 1/4 Holybell Bust


昊 (China
FG11082 Katsushika Hokusai
FG11082  Katsushika Hokusai

Very cute! Packed super safe and looks great to put together!

MeowMix3 (Estados Unidos de Am矇rica
RT2437 RX-121TR-1 Gundam Hazel Head
RT2437 1/48  RX-121TR-1 Gundam Hazel Head

Finally its been a while got it ! great bust can't say much but amazzing !!!! lots of piece for a bust package well and small but it looks great!
thanks E2046

bluedragon (Canad獺
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