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FG12541 Sailor Moon Bust
FG12541 1/6 Sailor Moon Bust

pretty good casting! Thanks!

BLSM (Etats-unis
FG4924 Raquel Flower
FG4924 1/7 Raquel Flower

Sweet and cheeky fairy - versatile colour design of the wings are possible due to the way they are cast...let's see what it turns out to be. Nice idea: the enclosed artificial flowers. Well packaged and shipped quickly.

Killy (Allemagne
DL4229 Anime Female Body A (DOLL)
DL4229 1/12 Anime Female Body A (DOLL)

arrived safe and packed well from e2046. these 1/12 bodies are great. i had some other 1/12 body clothes for picconeemo laying around but the boobs and even the bum was too big for that clothing line. these are small but curvier than other 1/12 lines that dont use soft skin. just a heads up for anyone doing customs with the dolls.

nuri (Etats-unis
RT1501 Luminous Mirage with Sword
RT1501 1/100 Luminous Mirage with Sword

Great quality! Excellent casting, look forward to painting this one!

dmp (Canada
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