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FG9784 Tashigi
FG9784 1/8 Tashigi

Lovely figure! Great Quality

Sir Winston (Mexique
FG11341 Sailor Star Maker
FG11341 1/6 Sailor Star Maker

I've been building Sailor Moon resin models since 1998, and loved the original B-Club 1/6 line, but this new Ori line is my all time favorite!!! Dynamic poses, natural contours and beautiful sculpting!!! They look like they stepped right off the screen! And to build them is so easy!!! The parts fit together like a puzzle so you can't position incorrectly, are snug, the seamlines and joints fit so neatly invisible AND they need hardly any carving or sanding!!! Amazing quality!!! Seriously, this is the BEST fitting and best looking resin model kit I've ever worked on---and I've made hundreds over the past 25 years! I'm just thrilled with the outcome!

Well, my favorite sailor senshi are Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Pluto so I collect all their figures and models. When I saw this gorgeous Maker, I immediately ordered him--and painted/assembled as soon as the package arrived!

I used acrylic paints (satin, and metallic), Volks Zoukei Mura pastels and Volks powder finishing spray on the fleshtone sections and Liquitex gloss and matte varnish where needed. (Eyes, lips, brows) I added a couple of gold metal stars on the back shoulder blade area as they were not there but other than that small detail, this model is STUNNING!!!! I can't stop looking at how perfect he is! He's approximately 11" tall from head to toe (and 13" from tip of raised finger to toe)

I can't wait until Ori releases the matching Super Sailor Pluto 1/6 so I can pose them together on a single base!
In the meantime, I've also preordered Sailor Star Fighter, Uranus and Sailor Star Healer & Neptune! Can't wait to finish my Starlights and Outers diorama!

Thanks again, e2046 for creating such incredible and perfect models!! These are absolutely gorgeous, well made, easy to paint and assemble---but best of all, they look JUST like the characters!! BRAVO!!!!!

SetsunaKou (Etats-unis
PF12770 Miyamoto Musashi Swimsuit Version (Pre-painted)
PF12770 1/6 Miyamoto Musashi Swimsuit Version (Pre-painted)

Excellent figurine. I don't have the skills to reproduce that quality of details on the clothes, so I'm very glad that talented people could do it for such a decent price. Somehow, pre-painted models on E2046 always surpass my expectation, I guess I just prefer the feel of painted resin over PVC.

Lugburz (France
FG12876 Brynhildr
FG12876 1/6 Brynhildr


百花繚亂 (Chine
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