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FG5140 Sakura and Tomoyo Chinese Dress
FG5140 1/6 Sakura and Tomoyo Chinese Dress

\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////

qwqmata (Cina
FG13040 Swan Girl
FG13040 1/6 Swan Girl


peg600 (Cina
FG3903 Witchblade
FG3903 1/6 Witchblade

Great sculpt and fast delivery

Legion (Germania
FG5141 Sailor Saturn
FG5141 1/3 Sailor Saturn

This kit is large in scale and looks great after assembly (fitting), and I'm sure it'd look even better painted. However, assembly was a bit challenging because her head is heavy (due to the hair), making her difficult to balance even with the included base. We've already used magnets and pegs, but to ensure she won't budge, I'd need to secure her to a heavy base or put support behind her. Except for her neck and the other leg, the fit is good. Overall, she's a fantastic statue; she'll be the tallest in my collection, and I doubt I'll ever have another statue this size or larger. We shall see...

tantan (Filippine
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