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FG12438 Kocho Shinobu
FG12438 1/7 Kocho Shinobu

Impressive kit. Comes in a huge box, well protected

Titichu (Франция
FG12440 Bishoujo Sunset Shimmer
FG12440 1/7 Bishoujo Sunset Shimmer

The actual figure is in shockingly good quality for a 3D Print. Some fittings look wonky but are perfect. The package that came looked really small, but the actual figure assembled is good size. Only Issue I think CAN be also fixed is the actual pony - The front 2 legs are not part of its body and they could easily been. One of those front legs assembly fittings actually broke, but that was my own butter fingers, and not as much production quality. Looking forward to how it handles the painting process. 9.5/10 Will buy all the other ones eventually.

Corvette5 (Болгария
PV13852 Emilia: Memory Snow Version (PVC)
PV13852  Emilia: Memory Snow Version (PVC)

I'm a big fan of Re:Zero, but all the local stores only have the inferior waifus Rem & Ram. Now I finally have my happy Emilia! I hope one day to get a Gathering version of a super cool Emilia in action. So much could be done, while respecting the lore. Without relaying on "it's Rem but she is a fashion fairy now!". I can only dream.

Lugburz (Франция
FG7485 Alice In Foreverland
FG7485  Alice In Foreverland

Kit as pictured. No damaged or missing parts noted. Would buy from again. Recommend.

Hamurai (Соединенные Штаты
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