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FG2750 Rith
FG2750 1/6 Rith


威忠 (Taiwan
FG10642 Sorceress
FG10642 1/7 Sorceress

Fit was great with no major assembly or cleanup problems. Love the pose. Have another piece featuring her. I just love the sexy and yet deadliness of her. The Sorceress is a great addition to any collection....if you love sexy magic users.

RedMachine72 (United States
FG11345 Abigail Williams
FG11345  Abigail Williams

Great kit. Would recommend and buy again

Kazikli Bae (Austria
FG9095 Valkyria
FG9095 1/6 Valkyria

Love the fit on this with almost no cleanup needed. Had to change the horn sticking out on her "crown", did not like it at all. Made it look like an embedded jewel instead. The flowing dress looks amazing on her. Another great product E2046.

RedMachine72 (United States
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