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FG8785 Kokuten Tae
FG8785 1/7 Kokuten Tae

Great cast! I like it

TirIthil (Russian Federation
FG12533 Hoshizuki Kaede
FG12533 1/6 Hoshizuki Kaede

Schöner Bausatz, die Gussteile sind in Ordnung. Freue mich auf den Zusammenbau.

Tron (Germany
PF10903 Jeanne Alter Holy Night Version (Pre-painted)
PF10903 1/8 Jeanne Alter Holy Night Version (Pre-painted)

LOVE HER and my husband loves her too. I guess he is split between Jalter and Mordrid as his waifu

dfwardiogirlie (United States
FG2063 Christina Pilot Suit
FG2063 1/6 Christina Pilot Suit

Besten Dank!
Thank you very much.

Languste (Germany
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