KOS-MOS (Pre-painted)

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Höhe  45.00 cm
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  • 1. Includes the original octagonal display base.
    2. Magnetic technology applied on chest piece for dual display.
    3. As a battling machine, KOS-MOS needs some kind of special design on the display base for a match of theme. Gathering has this Sci-Fi Display Base ready for you with a metallic touch
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  • Magneten Inhalt
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9.6 / 10

Feedback Highlight
Aleksandr (Russland) Übersetzen

Firstly - about Minuses... The cleavage on the right arm. No, not like that. Right hand was simply broken off, and – how much fun I got from this – PACKED separately ))) Wow… Second, the Gun which she must keep this handy can not be placed on probe near her armor skirt. Cause arm attached too closely to body, and slot on the gunner balance goes too far from it’s original place than its equipped... because of that I have a half-hour «occupation of divination», that the hell is happening there. Ok. A few minuets, pack of super-glue, rightly connected hands and some calculative device-driver named Brain… Fixed. Than it was assembled… have a culture shock )) Figure is perfect. Design work, work of the artist, many small details – impressive. And almost ideal. What I was afraid – her face, what on the late promotional photos become too ... Childish? Yes, the right word. Maybe it can attract Asian customers (MOEE!! KAWAII!! …ets.) but IMHO too sweetly. In my figure there was no this variety, it was more like a first sample images. Very pleased. And – at last, but not least – small details. No one extra or erroneous stroke of paint. NO ONE! Perfectly made color borders, semitone, inscriptions, even lace on pantyhose. Even seams and joints made perfectly. Haircut fits well, even can’t assume that it is removable. Good. Except assembly problems have no any claims. And my pore English dictionary is not enough to continue singing dithyrambs ))) Yp.

Neuestes Feedback

Great painting job from Gathering, as always.


It's huge! Very nice painting work from Gathering, as always.


This figure is just perfect ! The painting work is amazing. Thank you !

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