Evil Belldandy

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Uscita Prevista Q4 2020
Scadenza Miglior Prezzo 2020-11-30
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Numero Prodotto  FG1601
Altezza  38.00 cm
Box Size  Altezza: 10 cm | Larghezza: 17 cm | Lunghezza: 25 cm
Peso   0.68 kg
Parti  28
Scala  1/5


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9.6 / 10

Commento in Evidenza
Claudia (Germania) Traduci

Regarding the age of this figure, the cast is still good. I'll need to do some prep work for fitting and some air bubbles but it's nothing you can't fix within a reasonable amount of time. After all a beautifull and huge kit of Belldandy - so recommended to all Belldandy fans!

Ultimissimo Commento
mnementh2000 (Stati Uniti) Traduci

Bought roughly a year ago and only recently opened due to various circumstances. Rough fit is excellent with only the normal sanding and shaping necessary for a model. Only problem I noticed was the lack of the hair 'antenna' that are a noticeable characteristic of the character. Not sure how to correct that...

Stephanie (Germania) Traduci

This Kit is georgeous! *-* togehter with evil belldandy so stunnning! Cast was Great, like nearly always ;)

Shi Talya (Germania) Traduci

really huge! resin ist great as always. would be a little more pre work but thats ok. the only thing who is quiete useless ist the small hole in the back. (though is would be for evil tsuka but that kit doens't fit - hole is to small ^^")