Misato in Plugsuit (Pre-painted)

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Product Number  PF5600
Series  Fashion
Height  24.50 cm
Part  4
Scale  1/6


  • Gathering Surprise
    1. Magnetic function; chest piece removable
    2. Uniquely design EVA Display Base
    3. Combinable display base with PF3745 Rei in Plugsuit, PF4764 Asuka in Plugsuit
    2. & PF5804 Asuka in Test Plugsuit to form a complete set for magnificent viewing.
  • Minor Assembly Required
  • No Painting Required
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base included

After E2046 releasing Asuka in Plugsuit, she became a hot baby to Evangelion fans! Thus, ORI confirmed the project on Katsuragi Misato and make the set complete!
Misato in Plugsuit Misato in Plugsuit Misato in Plugsuit Misato in Plugsuit Misato in Plugsuit Misato in Plugsuit
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9.6 / 10

Feedback Highlight
bigkev (Australia) Translate

A very amazing figure with a very beautiful paint job, I love it very much.

Latest Feedback
peejay (Australia) Translate

arrived safely. packaging in good condition.

silenthill (Singapore) Translate

This feedback is 7 years in the making as i bought and received the figure in 2010, January. The reason for this is because i had no shelf space left to display Misato in Plugsuit together with Rei and Auska in Plugsuit (PF4765). Then i moved to another apartment and had a custom display cabinet built in my study room. So finally, i was able to unbox Misato. Now, please bear in mind that the figure has been in the box for over 7 years and even after nearly a decade, the paintwork has not lost any of it luster and it looks brand new. The resin material is as sturdy as ever and the magnetic chest piece works wonderfully. This only goes to show that the quality of the paint and the resin material used by E2046 on their figures are utmost premium. Like Asuka in Plugsuit, Misato is inspired and based on E2046 Ori Team's interpretation of Shunya Yamashita's Rei and what a marvelous interpretation it is. Sweet and sexy reminiscent of Yamashita's design but with a steely elegance which is E2046's own and so in line with how Misato is like as a character. The Gathering team's construction and paintwork are meticulous and their attention to detail cannot be overstated. The paintwork is perfectly even, the colours appropriate and full of luster. This piece is perfect.

Kyoshin (France) Translate

Great job ! The painting work is amazing.

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