Goddess of the Wind Xecty

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Product Number  FG5870
Height  32.00 cm
Weight   0.95 kg
Part  19


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • Display base included
  • Included clear part(s)
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9.7 / 10

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senyac (Australia) Translate

FG5870 Goddess of the Wind Xecty casting/resin is good with only small seams , clear parts are nice and clear , skin is cast in a flesh colored resin and hair in a brown resin . Clear parts for the base/stand will require heating to make fit together correctly , Sadly one ear had to tip broken off and glued back on by the workshop :( I think this is a bad practice by the workshops , If they find a broken part they should replace it and not try to repair it themselves . I would have given this kit a perfect score if it wasnt for the repairing of the ear by the workshop . cheers sen

Latest Feedback

She is so incredibly large and incredibly beautiful! The parts fit perfectly. I'm thrilled. The clear parts are wonderfully clear.

Diana (Germany) Translate

Good product, thanks e2046 for box and sturdy package.

Lanfear (Australia) Translate

It seems E has changed their shipping packaging as I was surprised to find no nice plastic boxed figure. Despite this seemingly less robust packaging the item arrived in perfect condition and with the box looking kicked in on one side! I'm always amazed at E's attention to packing items well! The model has very few seam lines mostly concentrated around some of the hair pieces. Understandable considering the highly detailed recast on this beautiful PVC model. All pieces fitted to together snugly, but some recess areas for example the chest piece where the lower body pops into had a few bubbles of resin stuck inside. However these bubbles were only in a few recess areas and were easily removable with a dremel. The resin was of a high quality despite the stories I've heard about colored resin not being of such a high quality as white. I do believe the colored resin is of no lesser quality, it just acts like a primer coat coat which shows any casting flaws. Only issue with the casting was the clear resin pieces that swirl around her legs. They d not fit together easily and will need a little bending with a hairdryer or boiling for a perfect fit. Otherwise an almost flawless recast kit. A recommended model kit or beginner/intermediate modeller with the correct tools.