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US$ 184.99
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Disponible US$ 157.24
Costo de Envío Correo Aéreo US$ 40.64
Número Producto  FG6102
Altura  42.00 cm
Ancho  36.00 cm
Peso   1.44 kg
Piezas  45
Escala  1/4


  • Probado el Ensamblaje de las Piezas
  • GK Surprise
    We are exclusively offering Bayonetta with Dedicated Decal.
  • Requiere Ensamblaje
  • Pintura Necesaria
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  • Servicio de precauciones extra: Cargado en el acolchado extra, garantiza la seguridad
  • Base no incluida aquí, es posible que desee comprar una en Base
  • Incluir Hojas de calcomanías, Pequeñas perlas, Partes transparentes, Piezas de metal, Piezas grabadas en la imagen.
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9.6 / 10

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OMF***ing G... I just opened the MUTHA of all kits I have ever purchased. And most here know I don't usually talk like that either. She is GORGEOUS, ENORMOUS, and DYNAMIC! Perfectly sculpted and cast, minimum flash... a perfect pour. She is the quality one would want in every kit... FLAWLESS. Perfectly wrapped, nothing broken that I have been able to find. I almost cried when I saw her, she is that beautiful. This "lady" will be the crowning glory in my collection. I only could have wished my Daddy would have been her to see her. He thought Commando Venus was good... he would have been speechless upon seeing this her. Thank you, E2046 and staff for making this the most memorable Christmas gift I have gotten in many years. Even if I gave it to myself. Oh and the box was broken on 3 of the 4 sides... looks like they played hockey with it and it was the puck. I'll post pix if you want to see the condition the poor box arrived in. But as MasterJinn said that's what the box is there for... to protect the kit inside. THANKX again... Carol aka ShadowHawke What your rating scale only goes up to 10????? I wanted to give her a 15 or 16... oh dayum, guess I'll have to settle for a 10... can we squeeze 10+ on it. Pleeze!????

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Die figur ist der echte hammer und so groß und dennoch einfach zu bemalen da ja viel Schwarz ist

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