Bayonetta (Pre-painted)

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Número Producto  PF6102
Altura  42.00 cm
Ancho  36.00 cm
Peso   3.45 kg
Piezas  13
Escala  1/4


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9.7 / 10

Comentario en Evidencia
Maggie (Canadá) Traducir

Two words, Love Bayonetta! The figure arrived extremely well packed, not a single thing was broken. I was amazed at the detail and sheer size the amazing model. I had to go and buy her a new cabinet lol. When it came to putting her together I was extremely nervous, but it was easy and I didn't break anything this time. I was also worried about the chains on her arms at first because I knew those would be loose, and the tiny details like medallions for her legs. To my surprise they had it all figured out and I was greatly relieved. I had to glue one of her hands on as it did fall off a few times and I didn't want to risk chipping the paint, everything else was perfect. Every detail was present, from the words on her ribbons to the chains on her suit. I am so happy! It's my new favorite. Thanks again!

Último Comentario

good quality and amazing finish

Dreac (France ) Traducir

Amazing product. Long awaited (more than a year) but definitely worthed it ! The painting is really smooth and clean. It assemble quite easily if you are cautious. I recommend it to anybody !


Overall, it's a really amazing statue and easily the best version of Bayonetta ever made. Detail and paintwork for the most part is stunning. I'm only giving it a 9/10 instead of a 10/10 because of minor quality control issues I had, such as the metal plate on the base not being aligned perfectly (not super obvious unless you look at it carefully), the left leg not being perfectly aligned with the body, and some very minor paint flaws here and there. I did have the leg alignment corrected after sending it back to E2046 for adjustments, although I would still say it's not 100% perfect but close enough that I'm satisfied. Highly recommended if you're a Bayonetta fan as you won't find a better figure of her than this!

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