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Produktnummer  FG1444
Höhe  38.00 cm
Gewicht   0.75 kg
Teile  17
Maßstab  1/4


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10 / 10

Neuestes Feedback
massimo (Italien) Übersetzen

very good resin kit , packed with great care as always details the best the market offers. no piece missing.great job.

Kumama Übersetzen

I'm so happy to receive this kit! Surprised She was definitely worth the year I waited for her. I was lucky enough to get an early cast in this mold, and she has those red lines. True to precedent the details are captured beautifully, I don't see any loss of crisp detail in the lines of her hair or the straps on her bodice. Very happy about that! Due to the fact that this kit is rather old the parts fit is a little strange, so I will have to use a bit of putty to get the legs to fit the way I want them to, but nothing I wouldn't expect. There are virtually no seams on the kit and what was once there was lovingly removed by someone who knew what they were doing! A very pleasant surprise. Thanks guys!

persocon_chii Übersetzen

Another nice and big sculpt which finally came in stock - and i never regret that I've pre ordered it!! The kit itself is so beautiful and your casting job ist great! There are no visible pinholes or other casting damages - even the casting sprues are not as massive as usual. The fitting is not perfect, but the details are casted superb! It seems, as if I got one of the first pieces out of this mold, als the pieces have some red marks here and there... Overall, I'm very happy! Thank you!

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