RGM-79N GM Custom Conversion Package

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Product Number  RT1993
Series  Parts Set
Weight  1.70 kg
Scale  1/60


  • Assembly Required
  • Painting Required
  • Instructions provided
  • Extra care service: Carried in extra package box, safety enhanced
  • This conversion kit requires (1/60 PG RGM-79N GM Custom) for assembly.
  • Authorized Product by G-System-Shop.
  • Height: 35cm
    Head height: 33cm
    Width: 18cm
    Depth: 11cm
    Sniper length: 30cm
    Weight: 1.2kgs
    Resin parts: 187pcs
    Clear resin parts: 3pcs
    Heat pressed clear parts: 6pcs
    Copper rod: 2pcs
    Decal: 1 sheet
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7 / 10

Latest Feedback
Hans-Juergen (Germany) Translate

Kit received today. Very well made resin parts, but ... I know, that a conversion kit is uneconomic. You need the internal frame of a BANDAI kit in scale 1/60. And, you always have do modify it. All the others parts of the BANDAI kit are useless - you thrown it away. Modern kits from G-System build around the new 'Robot Internal Frame'. That's the better solution. In addition, E2046 forget that also boxes consists to a collection. Packing together with other orders and taping the boxes together make this worthless. Comes only with some pictures. Other kits comes with a CD full of pictures! Problems to find out the correct painting, because the 3 pictures are full of G-System logos - why ?? You can build the EFSF-version of the RGM-79. A little bit more thinking, a small additional modificated sholder and knees and you have a TITIANS-version too. Bad packing and missing 'Robot internal Frame', I can't give more than 7 points - sorry. Hans GERMANY