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Produktnummer  RT2063
Höhe  15.00 cm
Gewicht   0.42 kg
Teile  72
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9.7 / 10

Feedback Highlight

I've been waiting on a model kit of the Madox-01 for YEARS now. E2046 actually has THREE different kit versions of this mech listed on their site. This one is the first that they've seemed to have released. Well, this is what I experienced: Packaging: The package arrived very robustly wrapped. I tore through the wrapping to find the actual model stored in a sealed Tupperware type plastic container box. All of the individual parts were very neatly secured. The plastic box was very solid and will serve as a good storage box for the Madox and some additional supplies as I build this model. Instructions: All instructions seem to be in Japanese only. (ARGH!!) There ARE extensive wire diagrams that are numbered. A quick study of the diagrams gives me the impression that I shouldn't have TOO tough of a time trying to construct this thing. A color photo of the completed model was included for reference. I'm confident that you if you don't know Japanese you can still get by with just the diagrams. (Sigh) It would have been nice to have had instructions in English though. Quality of Parts: All of the parts seem cleanly made with moderate to great attention to detail. I will defer judgment until after I've scrubbed and prepped each piece for assembly. All in all, everything seems pretty solid. Conclusion: My point of view may be skewed by my sheer JOY that someone has released a Madox-01 kit AND delivered it in a reasonable amount of time. I commend E2046 on their decision to go ahead and start actually selling at least ONE out of the THREE Madox-01 kits they have listed on their site. All in All I was very happy with this release. So happy, in fact that I may order a couple more. With that said, E2046 could you please, Please, PLEASE release the OTHER two Madox-01 kits you have listed here? Thanks for releasing a great kit!!!

Neuestes Feedback

Alwaus wanted this model, am not dissapointed


excellent design and cast quality. quite amount of parts. need plan for painting. :)

Maverick336699 (Belgien) Übersetzen

Great kit, but very complex. Highly recommended, but not for beginners...

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