Elin Mystic

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Numero Prodotto  FG6971
Serie  TERA   Sito Web Collegato
Altezza  28.50 cm
Peso   0.50 kg
Parti  28
Scala  1/6


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9.5 / 10

Commento in Evidenza
jirris (Stati Uniti) Traduci

Shipping was very fast and the package even came straight to my door. It was packaged excellently. It was wrapped in the green and brown craft paper I seem to get from all HK shipments, an plain cardboard outer box with a repeat of the address, a plastic buffer to keep the inner box from rattling around, and everything inside the inner box was bubblewrapped and individually packaged to prevent breakage. The casting on the kit was pretty good - no bubbles, pits, major misalignment in the mold, or other surface flaws. My only complaint is that there was quite a bit of flashing. Aside from some very minor things, it's awesome. Definitely going to be getting more GK from this company.

Ultimissimo Commento
Kam (Cina) Traduci

包裝很好, 白模件看著很好, 支持,

Anno Hideaki (Hong Kong) Traduci

Nice and good cast from e2046 as always!


Eye decal is missing. At Preorder, there was a photo about the eye decal, but now all the images have changed and the pictures that reference the eye decals are gone. What should I do with eye decals?

E2046 : Definitely not, we never change the image to hidden the eyes decal. It's believed that customer making something wrong to cause any misunderstanding, we can confirm this kit is actually not shipped with the eyes decal since the first release from 2012. Customer please carefully check what accessories included into parts pictures(if have) and product remarks before submit order.

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