Halberd Warrior Mona (Pre-painted)

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Référence du Produit  PF7116
Série  Darkness
Hauteur  30.00 cm
Poids   1.54 kg
Pièce  9
Echelle  1/6


  • Gathering Surprise
    Switch-able head offers you with another style with helmet on
  • Assemblage Requis Minimal
  • Aucune Peinture de l'Objet Requise
  • Instructions Fournies
  • Service d'Emballage Sécurisé : Envoyé dans une boite supplémentaire, pour améliorer la protection de l'objet.
  • Socle inclus

Halberd Warrior Mona est le premier projet ORI de 2012, qui est l'occassion de tester une nouveauté en lançant une courte série dessinée avec Dark Magician... Pour un lancement théâtral.
The Halberd Warrior Mona The Halberd Warrior Mona The Halberd Warrior Mona The Halberd Warrior Mona The Halberd Warrior Mona The Halberd Warrior Mona
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9.6 / 10

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TyroneLove (France) Traduire

I am extremely pleased with Halberd Warrior Mona, which I received today. It's my first Ori figure and my first order from e2046.com and I can assure you it will not be my last. The delivery was fast, the package extremely secure and the figure itself is quite impressive. Her proportions are a bit extreme but I like her that way, except for her boobs that are too round for my taste. I'm not too fond of her face but the alternative head w/ helmet is perfect. The halberd design, sculpting and painting are top notch and the stand is beautiful ! She's bigger than I expected and actually quite intimidating ^^ Can't wait to buy my second figure ^^

Dernier Avis
collinus (France) Traduire


Agansak (Chile) Traduire

An impressive representation, both sexy and hard, this warrior will knock your socks off! For any fan of lady warriors, you got a treat here!


Very beautiful figure, and as always flawless performance. I want to note the job of the shop - everything is organized quickly and with high quality.

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