Girl with Piyo Bikini

Esaurito Esclusivo
Numero Prodotto  FG1002
Serie  Miscellaneous
Scala  1/8


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Ultimissimo Commento
scott(USA) Traduci

This is a pretty old figure as things go and I had initially ordered it as part of thier 'in stock' sale. Though out of stock I decided to keep the order open anyway as it is really a classic pose. The castings are nicely done, though not as good as some of the current kits with some mold mis-alignment seams to sand down. There are keyways, but they are a bit on the loose side. Regardless, initial fitting showed that it will be pretty easy to construct, with only the usual fiddly bits that these big scale kits seem to have. Packaging was well done and though the photo included with the kit is of something else (how did that happen?), it shouldn't be any sort of impediment to construction. Thanks again for such great service,

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