T-elos (Pre-painted)

Esaurito TOP 100
Numero Prodotto  PF7360
Altezza  50.00 cm
Peso   4.77 kg
Parti  14
Scala  1/4


  • Gathering Surprise
    1. Magnetic technology applied on chest piece for dual display
    2. Left hand could be replaced by the exclusive offered Tri-barrel Gatling Gun, dual display for extra fun
  • Richiesto Minimo Assemblaggio
  • Nessuna Pittura Richiesta
  • Istruzioni Incluse
  • Servizio di attenzioni extra: Caricati in imbottiture extra, sicurezza garantita
  • Inclusa la basetta come mostrato
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9.4 / 10

Commento in Evidenza
maestro (Canada) Traduci

I thought it might be useful to compare Gathering's T-Elos to my Gathering Kos-Mos, so here goes: What T-Elos doesn't do as well: The body sculpt is not quite as detailed - fabric folds and armor detailing is good, but not at the same level as Kos-Mos. And the paintjob, while cleanly applied, lacks the realistic shading, especially where the skin meets the leather armor sections. And while the blue leggings and purple armor chest sections are nicely glossy, the others don't pop out as much as the sample pictures suggest. What T-Elos does better than Kos-Mos: The hair sculpt is the star of the show here - it tops Kos-Mos's, in my opinion, with a nice gradient from purple to white, lots of volume, and lots of small independent strands around the bangs. Be warned that they're delicate though, and I needed to repair two small breaks with super glue (which occurred while unwrapping the part from the protective plastic, the kit arrived unharmed due to excellent packaging). I also feel the base deserves mention - while simply shaded, the Zohar design matches the theme and is sculpted much more intricately than the simple base for Kos-Mos. And as mentioned above, the packaging is excellent - for such a delicate and large figure, to arrive completely intact is impressive. And finally, having both Kos-Mos and T-Elos side by side at 1/4 scale is just very cool, so E2046 gets bonus points for making the both of them available. Overall, I'd still rate Kos-Mos higher, but just slightly.

Ultimissimo Commento
neograboss (Francia) Traduci

Superbe, elle tient parfaitement compagnie à ma KOS-MOS.

하얀혜성 (Corea del Sud) Traduci

생각보다 퀄리티가 괜찮음 만족합니다 마니 파세요

Klein Cress (Stati Uniti) Traduci

Immense, good shape, gutted from the real series, and the parts don't get mixed up in the box because of the tight Styrofoam packing. She's in excellent condition, the gatling gun is a great piece with it's tri-barrel apparels. Great model and shipped fast. They have some of the coolest stuff here at E2046 and with the sales off this Christmas keep the wallet safe from too much beer.

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