Fatima Queen

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Номер продукта  FG1029
Высота  28.00 cm
Размер коробки  Высота: 10 cm | Ширина: 17 cm | Длинна: 25 cm
Вес  0.53 kg
Количество деталей  12
Масштаб  1/6


  • Требуется сборка
  • Требуется покраска
  • Инструкции предоставлены
  • Дополнительные услуги : перевозятся в дополнительной упаковке, повышенной безопасности
  • Подставка не включена в комплект, вы можете приобрести её отдельно в категории "подставки"
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Последние отзывы
Zephyr01 Перевод

Order #89394 FG1029 Fatima Queen has arrived safely. All parts are present and intact. Thanks E

sanchong Перевод

This is big figure. Over all is not bad. Some detail too thin, and must be carefull to work on it. Nice protection, and pack it well that is E2046 always do. Thx San

francis k s wong (CAN) Перевод

I have never ordered any figure kit from FSS series. I think the figure looks a bit strange to me. It doesn't have the great faminant figures I have been looking for. But, It sure has its own style. Probably copes well with the strange but beautiful mecha series. Taking advantage of the 2-2046 30% discount promotion, I ordered this one for a try. Idea Maybe, Wink may be it's a trick from Simon., Wink posting great kits with discount, and make us fall in love with it and fall into non-stop purchasing, after being hooked up for these great kits.

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