Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon

US$ 142.99
US$ 102.95
US$ 135.84
배송비 항공우편 US$ 59.55
최저가 마감일 2020-09-21
선불 결제시 현금 쿠폰 US$ 3.09 적립
상품 번호  FG7504
시리스  Sailor Moon
높이  36.00 cm
박스 크기  높이: 15 cm | 넓이: 30 cm | 길이: 42 cm
무게   2.21 kg
부품 수량  61
스케일  1/5


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  • The pictures belong to our generous member ImHisEternalAngel (United States) who have kindly given us the permission for display, any credits of the photos should go to him/her
    Special thanks to our member ImHisEternalAngel (United States) for sharing this kit
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9.6 / 10

구매후기 하이라이트
ImHisEternalAngel (미국) 번역 내용

As my recent feedback, the kit itself has improved so much with the new workshop castings <3 The clear resin is much more cleaner and shinier, less foggy and harder to work on. THe tabs for the entire kit are better placed compared to when I ordered back in 2014, not as much detail loss which is an extra bonus! This kit overall will need some modifications, especially for the bows not having connection guides. I just used magnets, but you need strong enough ones and the right alignment so they don't fall @_@; Kit overall will be very heavy once assembled so strong connection wires are necessary for this kit. Noticed too this casting feels a lot less dense, not as heavy compared to the older cast which is even better! Might just be me though! Still has weight but I feel the diffference =) Lot of work this kit needs but super ultra happy to have my own copy <3 Also, packaging flawless as usual, noticed extra care was made in wrapping each vacuumed sealed sections in bubble wrap so that's super cool <3 Thanks again E got listening to our feedbacks, the quality is boosting so much, keep it up!

최근 구매후기
Neko-Nyan- (독일) 번역 내용

This kit is so huge O_O I really love it and the cast is great. Really recommendable.


Beautiful item. Very happy


Perfect packaging and its content even more!